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Mr. Feely has successfully broken into the Nation's Capital real estate market with an unmatched dedication to serving his community. If you naturally are truly customer centric and hold human empathy in high regard then it will come as no surprise when this customer centric ideology translates into sales. Strong leadership that lives by example has been integral to Feely Group accruing a sizable market share in a historically short time frame. In Kevin’s early years he took the path to becoming an accountant, but being an innately personable person that requires his daily dose of human interaction he quickly came to the realization that this wasn’t going to be the career that he would find lifetime fulfillment in. After graduating with a business degree, he made the bold decision to work for himself and became a licensed realtor in 2014. Fast forward six years of hard work; Kevin has his own agency, in the last six months has posted 50 million in sales and is on the cusp of real estate technology after partnering with cloud based brokerage eXp Realty.       

With great blessings comes great responsibility, a call to improve the overall livelihood of the families residing in the communities that make up the core of your business. Investing in people and looking to give back whenever possible is a common theme within Feely Group’s corporate culture. In addition to volunteering his time, Kevin set a goal of donating a portion of every single sale of a home to Sick Kids Cheo. Surpassing their goal of twenty five thousand for 2020, they are looking to double that donation to fifty thousand in 2021. The Feely Group brand wants to be known in the community for more than facilitating one off big ticket transactions; they believe in leveraging their network within the city to assist in upgrading their customers' lifestyle. Repeat business is solidified by helping their customers advance in life when they can lend that helping hand. By utilizing their network partnerships they can make an introduction there, a phone call here, Feely Group wants to help improve their customers overall quality of life. Kevin succinctly described his business model as: “When you go that extra mile the first time, that person is going to remember you when they look to make their second purchase. Being memorable, that's how Feely Group earns lifetime business.”   

Kevin’s dedicated approach to customer service pays off in repeat and referral clients. Word of mouth marketing is still the holy grail of sales. “I go out of my way to provide a different level of service. It’s more to me than getting my clients a house, I strive to match their desires with their lifestyle and simply make the entire process enjoyable.” Feely Group is so confident in their product offering they offer a two year buyers remorse period if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Kevin harbors a healthy focus for forging lifelong client relationships in a historically transactional business. “My team’s goal is to create customers for life as opposed to chasing commissions. With so many entrenched and severely capitalized players in the market it is crucial to the incumbent companies to employ new and exciting services in an antiquated industry. That is the only way to carve out your niche and disrupt the industry”. You have two options when it comes to surviving the transition to video conferencing and virtual reality as communication mediums to sell homes... you are either ahead of the times, or late to the party.

Feely group boasts a number of service guarantees to put their clients at ease. “Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions a person will make in their lifetime, we don’t take that responsibility lightly,” he says.  For the immediate future Kevin and his team are focused on scaling the business. Currently they are drafting like minded individuals who are willing to forego their ego and adopt Kevin’s ‘people matter’ ethos.