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Top Realtors, Top Agents, Kevin Feely, Feely Group

Top Realtors, Top Agents, Kevin Feely, Feely Group

The real estate market is an institution with long-held practices and beliefs. There is a checklist of requirements that realtors will walk a seller through, a tried, tested, and trusted checklist. But this rigid way of approaching the sale of a home has left little room for thinking outside of the box, with most real estate agencies offering the same predictable service. But there is an Ottawa-based agency that takes pride in doing things differently; the Feely Group takes the futurist approach to an old-fashioned real estate market.

Kevin Feely, the founder of the Feely Group, shares that the real estate industry is perfectly primed for the futurist approach. He explains that to survive and profit within a fluctuating economy, you need to be ready to pivot and adapt. For this reason, he believes that the real estate market needs to reject the rigidity of what is expected and instead embrace the possibilities of the future. An outdated approach to selling houses ignores the advantages of staying in touch with changing technology and trends. The futurist approach was firmly adopted by the Feely Group when they partnered with cloud-based brokerage eXp Realty, which uses the latest technology to excel within the field of property brokerage.

Simply put, a cloud-based brokerage uses online solutions instead of onboard software to run its business. The cloud-based brokerage removes the need for physical office space, as brokers can operate remotely, which Feely shares, offers much greater flexibility than the old brokerage model. Speaking of his predictions for the future of the real estate market, Feely says, "I believe that the potential advancements of the real estate market are only as limited as the ever-evolving technology that can be applied to it."

 Feely believes that real estate agencies need to adapt and use the newest technology to keep up in these unprecedented times of change and uncertainty. The events of the global pandemic have created a steep increase in house prices; the average cost of a home has experienced a 30.13% rise between March 2020 and March 2021, and now is the time, he shares, to be forward-thinking.

The Feely Group has built a reputation of dependability through word of mouth in the Ottawa community and beyond. With a strong emphasis on the client's individual needs rather than the desire to chase big commissions, the Feely Group has earned a respected place within their community. The Feely Group has also established a strong bond with the surrounding community through their support and fundraising efforts for Ottawa children's charity CHEO, an organization dedicated to providing pediatric healthcare for those in need. Few industries exist today that the progress of technology hasn't enhanced, and the real estate market is no expectation. Using a forward-thinking approach while also trusting the abilities of the newest technologies, the Feely Group is facilitating the future.