Top Realtors in Ottawa, Ottawa Real Estate, Ottawa Realtors, Ottawa Agents, Feely Group, Feely Real Estate

Top Realtors in Ottawa, Ottawa Real Estate, Ottawa Realtors, Ottawa Agents, Feely Group, Feely Real Estate

Jun 02, 2021 (Vehement Media via COMTEX) -- Last year taught us that the world could change in an instant, but also that we aren’t powerless in the face of change. Through an immense amount of ingenuity and an abrupt embrace of the digital world, entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, and leaders took charge of the new normal, changing the face of business. Real estate is an incredibly tumultuous market already, and the Feely Group saw the possibility in the future.

Tagged as the new realtors on the block, the Feely Group optimizes digital and virtual reality to revolutionize the real estate market. “Real estate practices have lagged in comparison to other industries,” states Feely. “That is why we turned to a cloud-based platform allowing for an MLM-type setting supporting agents towards entrepreneurship and building a hyper-scalable team.”

Based in Canada, the Feely Group is modernizing real-estate through technology-based in augmented and virtual reality. “It’s like the video game SIMS but for real estate,” explains Feely. “We provide a virtual office with a staff that works real-life shifts in the platform.” This digital approach allows for little to almost no overheads, a relief for the industry as the world moves from brick-and-mortar to remote operations. Feely explains further, “It’s all about shopping and working safely and comfortably from one’s home. Something entirely feasible in real estate with the right technology.”

Projected to generate $50 million for the fiscal year and to close a deal every three days, the Feely Group is looking to power their business towards even larger goals through their upstanding commitment and values. “We believe in investing in people and giving back whenever we can,” says Feely. “I take personal responsibility in improving the lives of families in our local communities. These are families who support businesses, and that is what builds the backbone of any community.”

As a new business model with a customer-first attitude – The Feely Group offers resources like a buyer’s remorse period and a guaranteed purchase program for sellers. A pivot on the traditional real estate model means accommodating those looking for a new home and wanting to increase their quality of life minus the stress and headaches. The Feely Group’s models ensure that the timing of buying and selling is seamless.