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All individuals react differently under pressure. Some buckle and fold in the face of adversity, while others relish the challenge and flourish when confronted with overwhelming odds. Throughout history, humanity has only evolved by adapting to new circumstances and pushing the limits of what’s possible. The COVID-19 pandemic turned everyone’s world on its head as we were forced to adjust to a “new normal” where all bets were off. With our collective backs to the wall, some threw in the towel early on, but others looked the pandemic square in the eye and decided then and there to dig in deep and find new ways of beating it to stay one step ahead of the curve. Kevin Feely was one such individual, and his real estate company, the Feely Group, blazed a trail of innovation and resilience during the pandemic. 

“The real estate industry has needed a shake-up for some time, and although everyone would have preferred that COVID-19 never happened, you have to deal with the cards that fate deals you,” explained Kevin Feely. One look at the Feely Group’s track record, and you’ll soon realize that Kevin Feely has not only taken those cards, but he’s played them to win in a game where the stakes don’t get any higher. In the past six months, they have turned over $25 million in sales and are set to double that by the year’s end. With a track record of selling one house every three days in what has been a hugely unpredictable year, the Feely Group must be doing something right. So, what exactly is their secret? 

“We pretty much tore up the rule book of how the real estate industry used to operate and what was possible,” explained Kevin Feely, who added, “The digital dawn is here, and all we did was modify our processes and systems to ensure we were a part of that.” By offering virtual house tours, remote meetings, and face-to-face interaction through the technology of virtual reality, the Feely Group has blazed a trail and kicked down doors in the real estate sector. 

Kevin Feely explained, “During the lockdown, individuals and businesses had to think on their toes if they wanted to survive. Thanks to technology, we were able to change things for the better. Not so long ago, what the Feely Group offered would sound like the premise of a science-fiction film. However, what we’re doing is just the beginning; pretty soon, there’ll be a VR headset in every house. The game has changed forever, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure we’re the ones holding the ball and calling the shots.”