Top 5 Interesting Food to Eat in Ottawa

Dated: September 1 2021

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Every city has it's own distinct food to offer to locals and tourists. Here in Ottawa, we've got some really interesting food that you won't find in any other places.

1. Obama Cookie

First on the list is Obama Cookie, a simple shortbread in the shape of a maple leaf, covered in red icing, with "Canada" written in white letters on top named after the former President of the United States of America. "The concept, when I created this cookie, was to promote the country," says Moulin de Provence bakery owner Claude Bonnet, "to promote tourism."

It was in February 19, 2009, a cold afternoon, Obama was on his first official visit to Canada and in Ottawa to meet his northern neighbor, Stephen Harper. He must have been getting a bit snack-ish because, on his way back to the airport, his motorcade made an unannounced stop at Ottawa's historic ByWard Market. Obama came into the bakery (a busy bakery in Ottawa's ByWard Market), much to the delight of its staff and patron, and with a red-maple-leaf cookie in hand, said: "I love this country." That's when the cookie became popular and special.

Obama Cookies are highly sought after and will satisfy your sweet tooth if you are living in Ottawa.

2. Shawarma

Sure there's Shawarma anywhere, but you can't beat a Shawarma in Ottawa, and you're lucky if you're living in the area. They're really tasty and are enjoyed by all in the city. The fact that Middle Eastern cuisine has established itself on the streets of Ottawa hammers home further just how multicultural the city is.

Ottawa's reputation as the shawarma capital of Canada isn't some secret. In fact, most (if not all) Ottawans know this.

Every corner you turn in the downtown core you're probably going to end up at a shawarma joint. There are over a hundred shawarma places in the entire city and every Ottawan has their own favourite place for the delicious, garlic-drenched Lebanese delicacy.

There's a different taste and something special in every Shawarma place you go to, For one example Shawarma Place. They've been serving shawarma for almost 20 years and their reputation's unprecedented. Shawarma Palace (the Rideau St. location) is often cited as the best shawarma in Ottawa.

It's even been celebrated by UFC fighters and food critics all the way down in Boston. The proportions are unholy and it may just be one of the best meal deals in the entire city. Period. You can probably feed two adults with one plate. If there's one shawarma place you need to try in Ottawa, it's this.

3. Fried Dough Pastries Shaped Like Beaver Tails

A famous Canadian treat, BeaverTails are famous the world over now, but Ottawa does them as no other place does. A fried dough pastry that is hand-stretched to resemble beaver's tails, they're a snack adored by all. If you come to Ottawa, then you simply can't leave without trying a BeaverTail. And if you live in Ottawa, imagine how great your desserts will be.

It is sold in a variety of flavors. Most flavors of BeaverTails are topped with sweet condiments and confections, such as whipped cream, banana slices, crumbled Oreos, cinnamon sugar, and chocolate hazelnut. Sure your sweet tooth would always crave for more.

4. Caesars

Basically the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary, Caesars are extremely tasty and incredibly popular throughout the city. ByWard Market is a great place to try a Caesar, but they're fairly prominent throughout the city. This must be one of your favorites if you move to the city.

Created in Calgary back in 1969, the zesty cocktail is traditionally made from Clamato juice, vodka, tabasco, and Worcestershire sauce, man that's crazy! A flavor-packed combo that one-ups the Bloody Mary to shame.

Now a brunch staple and patio-weather go-to, restaurants across the country have not only perfected the fiery elixir but have taken their garnish game to a whole new level, trading in the traditional celery and spicy bean for extravagant additions like grilled cheese, chicken and waffles, and even chocolate cake!

5. Ice Cream

And our last pick but definitely not the least is the yummy ice cream in the city. Because why not? Who doesn't love ice cream? Whether summer or winter, you can never go wrong with ice cream.

Have it in different forms, ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwiches, or even traditional ice cream that gives you chills down your spine.

In Fairmont Avenue, you will find a quality ice cream store, The Merry Dairy, which offer different variety of ice creams.

Homemade ice cream + homemade cookies = Merry Dairy ice cream sandwiches! Nut-free and peanut free so you have nothing to worry about.

Handmade Cookies 'n' Cream and Vanilla Funfetti cakes both come with an Oreo cookie base - the Vanilla Funfetti cake can also be made gluten-free on request at no extra cost. Living in the city near the shop will make your celebrations extra special with these treats. Surely the kids will love it as well as the kids at heart.

If this list doesn't inspire you to move to the city besides the beautiful houses, then I don't know what will!

What do you think? Are these 5 picks making you drool and want to visit the city to see for yourself and find someplace here to stay for good? You'll surely love the environment once you see it.

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