Remote Work Has Changed Our Home Needs, Is It Time For Your Home to Change Too?

Dated: August 24 2021

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In the past few years, remote work arises and many homeowners felt the need for change to adopt to the new system. Changes such as dedicated home office or scenery can be a big move so now is the best time to start looking for a new address that fit your needs.

Remote Work is Here Stay

Only 21% of individuals worked from home prior to Pandemic. Now it's the new normal, but if you just discovered it, you're not alone.

A survey conducted by Statista and Upwork projects of hiring managers  shows 37.5% of U.S. workers will work remotely in some capacity over the next 5 years (see chart below):

More Flexibility and More Options is what Working From Home Offers

It gives those workers more flexibility on the location on where they live since they are not tied to work in a specific area. And options are never ending since there are a lot of opportunities you didn't realize you had.

Opportunities for the nearly 23% who will stay 100% remote will have an:

Option to move to a lower cost-of-living area or to your dream location. Owning a low cost home can give you more houses for your money, giving you more options for your dedicated office space and more breathing room. Moving to your vacation area is now possible. With a remote job, you can be wherever you want to be, a home somewhere near the beach, mountains or simply a home in an area with your peace of mind.

However, if you belong to almost 15% who have a partially remote or hybrid schedule,

Moving within your local area to a home that is a bit far from your office could be a great choice. Since you're not going to work everyday, a slightly longer ride could be a worthy trade-off for a home with more features, space or comforts. After all, if you’ll still be at home part-time, why not find a home that better suits your needs?

According to the latest Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate from The Counselors of Real Estate (CRE), many homebuyers are already taking advantage of their newfound flexibility:

“. . . after years of apparent but variant trends towards urbanization, the pandemic universally caused a movement away from urban cores, particularly for those with higher incomes who could afford to move and for lower-income individuals seeking lower costs of living.”

Bottom Line

Remote work may have changed your priorities and you may have different needs for a home, so it may be the best time to make a move. 

Call us today so we can talk about what you might need in a home for your remote work.

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