Covid-19 Safety

Dated: January 13 2021

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COVID-19 and Real Estate

We know that the last 10 months have not been easy on anyone. The coronavirus is impacting everyone and every business in some way and the real estate industry is no exception.  In many ways we are lucky because our shift to doing things virtually isn’t as big a leap as some businesses are facing.  For many years we’ve been able to handle most of the home buying and selling transactions electronically.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team is committed to keeping the health and safety of our clients and agents at the forefront of everything we do. Here at the Feely Group we  have systems in place that make the the entire home buying and selling process to our clients easily and most importantly safely.  Everything from virtual open houses, live video showings with our agents, to virtual contracts and closings.

Our listing clients shouldn’t worry about canceled open houses.  We will create a digital marketing campaign that brings your house to potential buyers all without risking anyone’s health or safety.  Our agents will tailor a showing plan that you feel the most comfortable with.

For our buyers, we are hosting live video tours.  Our agents will walk you through the property showing you every nook and cranny with honest feedback on quality or construction issues they see.  

In-person tours are still an option in many cases when necessary, but with precautions we take very seriously.  We recommend live video tours for anyone that has cold or flu symptoms or concerned about a possible COVID-19 exposure. This goes for clients, as well as, agents. Our agents are following the recommended 6 ft of social distancing, wearing a mask, and strict hand-washing and disinfecting policies.  Our agents provide our COVID-19 Safe Showing policies to clients for review prior to visiting any property in-person so you can make the best decision for your health and safety.

We are a small business that puts the care of our clients and agents first.This is an industry that one-size definitely does not fit all. Our team has always been forward-looking and our size allows us to be nimble in creating services that address changing needs and goals. We are here to give you the best real estate advice possible, now and into the future.

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