5 Things To Consider When Moving With The Kids

Dated: September 14 2021

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Finding and moving to a new home is a big step and include many concerns. One of which are the kids, you don't only consider your needs but also the welfare of your kids. You really need to create a list of what your kids want and need so it won't be hard for them to relocate.

So here are 5 things to consider when moving with the kids:


This is quite difficult especially when they already made friends in their old school, so you need to be careful. It will be easier for your kids if you discuss the move well in advance. Ask your child to talk about the things they look forward to about going to a new school or the things they are worried about and take time to address all concerns. Find out about schools in the area you’re moving into. Make a list of the schools and show it to your child. If your child is old enough, talk about the pros and cons of different schools.

If possible, you could visit the new community and school with your child. Check out the new school's activities with your kids beforehand so they will be excited for the school year.

Kids are very adaptable. Most of them will adjust to move to a new school quite happily. But, you do need to be aware of how your child is feeling about the move.

There are many amazing schools in Ottawa and we'll be glad to drive you around while checking out beautiful houses in the area.


It doesn't matter if your kid is a baby or a teenager, everyone has their own needs, even a baby, there are babies who can't sleep without their favorite blanket. So moving should be made carefully. You will realize how much stuff your kid has and how precious it is to them. Of course, they don't want to lose something during the process.

An inventory list will help you and your kid to be organized with their stuff, this way, you can also help them decide if they still want to keep it or they can go to a charity. Have three piles: keep, toss, and donate. If you decide to sell some items, let them keep the money so they can go shopping for their new room.


Sometimes, kids don't want to move, and they can get very attached to their current room, one way to persuade them is their new room in your new home, it doesn't matter if it's bigger or smaller, what matters is the look and feel, it always can be better than their current room.

Rooms are the kids' safe haven, they want to know that their new room will be just as comfortable as their old one. You can help them decorate their new room depending on their style and everything can be new.

Always make sure to communicate with your kids about how they want their new room to look like because they will be the ones who will spend the most time in it.

We are sure that there is a perfect room for your kids in our listing.


As soon as they learn that the whole family is moving, they already miss their friends. Children begin to build bonds with their peers from a very young age. Home and school friends are a treasure to most kids and they are sure to have at least some that they don't want to leave behind because they have to move away.

This can be really hard for kids and you should do what you can to reassure your kids that they can still be friends even when you move. It can also be a good idea to arrange some extra play dates so they can spend more time with friends before you move.

Birthdays are special to kids, so make sure to include their friends from the old community to the list.


Kids get stressed about moving too, they often get anxious about the unknown. If your child has only lived in one house their whole life, it could seem like they're leaving their entire world behind.

Your guidance is very well needed at this point, watch out for signs that the move is causing stress to your kids. Some of the most common signs include sleep disruption, behavior changes, and withdrawal. Make sure that you have open communication with your kids and support them in every way you can.

Not all kids are the same, but you know yours very well. Always make sure to let your kids know that they can count on you ALL THE TIME. Don't make them feel alone in the process.

Moving will give your family more time to bond. And this is a perfect time to show each member of the family the love and support that they need.

This process can be tedious for the whole family, but we can make it easier for you by calling us today.

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